Cleaning & Washing
Insect Repellent Treatment

To minimise chemical harm to clients, our mosquito nets are not made from chemical material. Temporary insect repellent treatment of the mosquito nets lasting 3 months can be requested to be done by a member of staff. This service includes removal of the mosquito net at 8am, treatment and reinstallation of the net prior to 4pm of the same day of the request.   Please contact us directly to enquire about service and pricing.

Custom Designs

Next Adventure will gladly provide mosquito net installation by a member of staff on request for an additional fee. Please contact us directly to enquire about this service and pricing.

Next Adventure would be happy to clean and wash any mosquito nets for an additional fee. The service would include a member of staff removing the mosquito net at 8am, washing and drying the mosquito net, and reinstalling it by 4pm. The service is completed within a 24 hour period to ensure the client would not be required to sleep without a mosquito net.  Please contact us directly to enquire about service and pricing. 

All nets are custom made to the requests of the client. A member of staff will come to measure the space to your requirements, whether it be indoor or outdoor. The client chooses from a range of styles, deciding the shape and design of the mosquito net. Further modifications can be selected including colour, image printing on netting, tassels, tab types, beams and more.  To view the ranges of mosquito net styles, please follow the link on this webpage or enquire by contacting us.

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