Efforts to reduce Malaria in Mozambique and the world
Foreign aid organisations such as UNICEF, Save the Children and USAID have worked closely in conjunction with MISAU (Ministerio da Saude de Moçambique) in order to reduce malaria related fatalities and infections in Mozambique. Actions include the mass distribution of circular mosquito nets to impoverished and rural areas, and informing locals to recognise symptoms of malaria. The aim is to encourage locals to be tested as soon as possible and receive treatment to reduce deaths resulting from malarial infection.
The World Health Organisation has taken huge steps in the global fight against malaria in recent months. May 20th 2015 marks the most recent World Health Assembly, wherein a new global strategy has been created to reduce deaths resulting from malaria worldwide. As stated on their website,

“The World Health Assembly has adopted a new global technical strategy for malaria, setting ambitious goals and targets for the next 15 years. Forty-one countries took the floor during the discussion – including Malawi speaking on behalf of the 47 countries of the African Region, and Indonesia speaking on behalf of the 11 countries of the South-East Asia Region. By adopting this strategy, Member States have set the target of reducing global malaria incidence and mortality rates by 90% by 2030.”

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