About Company

Through growing demand for mosquito nets, by clientele from private homes, large-scale resorts and establishment, Next Adventure accommodated the mouthing client profile by formalising the company in 2007.
While specialising in custom made mosquito nets, Next Adventure continues to provide uniforms, branded items and safety gear upon request, and is looking to expand in producing elegant, Practical lighting fixtures and similar products. Aiming to let no material go to waste, Anne Sorensen has established an informal foundetion as a sub-group of Next Adventure, whereby all excess materials are sent in of local homes that are unsupported by government and relief organisations.
Next Adventure Promotions Moçambique Lda was fouded as an independently incorporated company by Anne and Torben Sorensen in 2001. Beyond custom designs productions of mosquito nets, Next Adventure expanded to supply uniforms, branded items and safety gear for local and internacional companies.
Under management by Anne Sorensen - for fashion designer - the foundations of Next Adventure were firmly rooted with a mission to produce high quality, practical products without compromissing on aethetic appeal.

We are a company qualified for Creation, manufacture and assembly of mosquito nets. National Company, with a qualified team and ready to Serve the Customer. © 2007 - 2017 All rights reserved. Next Adventure Lda.